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Your Local Sneaker Freaks

your local sneaker freaks


Who is capital bst?

Capital BST has changed the landscape of sneaker retail. Capital BST offers more than just sneakers, from offering the latest streetwear brands on the market such as Supreme, Bape, and Palace, as well as luxury brands like Gucci and Off-White. Capital BST has evolved from a one-stop sneaker destination, to a cultural hub for sneaker enthusiasts and novices alike. Capital BST furthermore offers one of the biggest selections of vintage sportswear in North Carolina. We also strive to offer as much as we can at Capital BST, with Cleanings, Sole Defender Installation, legit Checking, and remember we are a “SAFE PLACE” when meeting to purchase!




We offer deep cleanings for your worn/dirty sneakers! Let us do the dirty work, where we clean your sneakers and bring them back to NEW! We clean the uppers, midsoles, soles and laces! Customers can choose one of our two cleaning package’s.

Package 1 being our basic deep clean and

Package 2 being our basic clean with lite restoration!


Other Services

CapitalBST is a The Official Sole Defenders retailer and also provide application for customers!

CapitalBST will be offering Sole Sauce restoration once again! We have developed a indoor setup to provide great results without the dependence of sun. Let us bring back your yellow soles to clear again!

Suede Renew and Dye! Have suede fading and looking all dingy? Well we can bring it back and make it look like new!